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Image QualityPick a sample or drop an image

ParametersUnfold to see all parametersAutorefreshONOFF

binsNumber of segments in the histogram
toleranceThe luminance threshold (between 0 and 1) to identify under and over exposed pixels in an image.


DetailsMore infos...

Return the edges of the objects in an image.


POST https://api.core.ltutech.com/v2/services/image/imageQuality


  • headers:
    • authorization: your access token
  • body: parameters are sent under binary or ASCII characters format as separated part in the body of a multipart form request
    • image: a binary image or a string that contains an url
    • bins: the number of bins to use in the luminance histogram
    • tolerance: the luminance threshold expressed as a percentage to identify under and over exposed pixels in an image

To implement this feature in your project you need to be logged in. To know how to get your token you can consult the getToken documentation. Should you need a test account please contact us.

Code Snippetscurlpythonnodejsc

curl --request POST \ 'https://api.core.ltutech.com/v2/services/image/imageQuality' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer <your token>' \ --header 'Accept: application/json' \ --form 'image=@“/Users/Pictures/image.jpg”’ --form 'bins=256&tolerance=0.05'
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